Covid-19 : PSC introduces new services

In view of the prevailing situation in the country due to the recent Covid-19 outbreak, the Public Service Commission (PSC) requested members of the public to refrain from visiting its office unless required by a special call-up.

Accordingly, the PSC introduced several new services for clients to access through its newly introduced service links, PSC Secretary M.A.B. Daya Senarath said in a notice published yesterday (21).

Upon the request of its clients, the PSC will issue a reference number through an SMS, along with the customer’s NIC (National Identity Card) and mobile numbers, to identify the client’s request. Accordingly, the current status with regard to the client’s request can be known instantly by sending an SMS to 0704 364 462 with the PSC reference number.

The clients are able to view the progress of their requests by entering the reference number into the Status Tracking field of the website of the PSC:

The decisions made by the PSC on client requests will be published on its official website daily.


The clients will be able to verify the conveyance of the decision to the respective ministry regarding their matter by viewing the Latest Decisions field on the website, the PSC said further.

The clients may obtain information required by them by forwarding their issues through the Inquiries section in the Contact Us page or by sending an e-mail to:

The PSC said further information on the process can be obtained through the following contact numbers: 0112 136 600 (General)/0112 136 603 (Additional Secretary/Operations)/0112 136 617 (Secretary).