Curfew life: How are you spending your time?

By Kusumanjalee Thilakarathna

For the first time in forever, we spent a lot of time at home. Although schools are closed and there are no afterschool practices, this is not like the usual vacation period we enjoy. We can’t go out, we can’t meet friends, and we have to manage with whatever we have at home. Since things are rather different, we decided to see how our readers have been spending their time during this curfew period.


Sara Musajee

When the curfew was imposed, my life felt like an endless series of Sundays! I honestly lost count of dates and had to keep reminding myself it wasn’t the summer holiday. But I find that this curfew gives me the opportunity to be productive and innovative.

Rather than being on devices all day long, I found myself a bunch of things to do when I’m bored, such as working out to keep fit, baking with my mom, playing cricket with my dad, making soap (why not?!), and of course sometimes the dreaded online school that is so different compared to the noisy life of actual school.

I am in touch with most of my friends, so I don’t end up getting bored easily, and even though I miss each and every one of them very much, I try not to moan about it. What’s the worst that could happen after this…right?!


Fathima Saarah Fazlan

This curfew period for me seems like it’s going on forever. I miss my school friends. But I somehow try to stay in touch with them via online video chatting or WhatsApp. Nowadays, I am studying for my promotion exams as our school, Ilma International, is planning to have an online exam next week. I never thought I would be sitting for an exam from home!

Also, I have started writing a storybook for a competition. If any one of you like reading books like me, there are many sites where you can download books for free. Happy reading and stay safe everyone!




Davyn De Silva

I’ve been given plenty of homework to do and upload online, and I have morning classes with my teachers on Microsoft Teams so that I can continue with my schoolwork during this quarantine. I’ve been trying to keep active and busy as well by riding my bike, spending time in the garden, and exercising.







Thiyansa Wickramasinghe

I never expected to have such a long holiday! I know we are under curfew for our safety, but I know for all the children, it’s a miracle holiday. The first thing I did was get a heap of books and read. Mainly, I baked a lot – I baked cookies, new flavoured cakes, brownies, and I even made a tasty caramel pudding. I even did my daily workouts – a girl has to stay fit!

I spoke to my friends daily through group video calls. Also, I watched movies with my mom. But you can’t do the same thing every day, so I was beyond happy when I got my study packs from school.

So every morning I wake up early, do my daily workout, and start on my study pack. Sometimes, I play with my dog. But even though it’s sort of like a holiday, we still have to always be aware of coronavirus. Always wash your hands with soap or sanitise them. Stay home. Stay safe.



Chanuth Jayanitha Perera

I am spending my time reading books, doing maths and scientific research on the internet, and mainly writing my new book about the universe these days.


Anasha Seyara Tirathdas

I have been painting quite a bit. I upcycled my Ikea red-coloured bedside table to match my furniture. Now it is a white side table with a colour washed effect. I painted it and sealed it with paint spray sealer.

My current project is a wall mural. I have been wanting to do a wall mural for a while and I thought this is the best time to start as I have enough time on my hands. It takes time to plan and paint something like this. I decided to do detailed mandalas. I am enjoying this project very much.






Devkith Sehas Aaradhya Siyambalapitiya

From everything I did during these days, my favourite is working in the garden. We planted several different plants like tomato, chilli, aloe vera, and garlic. My mother says that we have to wait for some time to get the harvest. I wish fruits grew faster than this.  


Arvin Nimthaka Amarasekera

Last month, we heard that coronavirus was spreading in Sri Lanka. Suddenly, we got holidays. I played a lot and studied too. Since the curfew started, we couldn’t go to shops and buy food, so I started to grow plants in my garden so that we can get food to eat.

I made many simple inventions to make my day-to-day work easier such as an underground pipe to water my ladies fingers plants. My father made me a small fish pond with my assistance. As my grandmother was sick and as she stays next door, we visited her often. I rode my bicycle there. I watched movies in the morning and sometimes watched the old cartoons that my mother and father watched when they were my age.

Now, we are getting online lessons from the school. I got enough time to read books too. I really enjoyed my curfew holiday, but I hope and pray this situation will be over very soon. Then I can go to school and meet my friends. I want all to be safe till then.