Dengue eradication programmes: Launched in schools

By Sarah Hannan

Parallel to the disinfection programme that is being carried out at schools, the National Dengue Control Unit (NDCU) is to launch a dengue eradication programme at all schools, prior to starting for the second term.

“For years we have been carrying out such programmes and this time too, we will work closely with the zonal education offices to ensure that the school environment will be cleared of any potential mosquito breeding sites.

“As a practice, we carry out eradication programmes over the weekend before schools reopen, and schools get the assistance of parents and senior students as well,” NDCU Director Dr. Anura Jayasekara told The Morning.

In addition to that, fumigation will also be carried out in areas that are identified to have a high prevalence of dengue. The school dengue programme is usually carried out by the school administration, area environmental committee affiliated to the local government institute, the area public health inspector (PHI), and officers from the NDCU.