Dengue threat returns

The onset of the inter-monsoon season has resulted in the National Dengue Control Unit (NDCU) urging the public to take necessary precautions to prevent a dengue outbreak in the country.

Officials at the NDCU said that as of 11 April, a total of 18,500 dengue cases have been reported, with the highest number of cases being reported in January at 11,595, February at 5,316, March at 1,482, and so far in April at 107.

“This year, we have not yet received reports of deaths due to dengue fever. But the coming months are very crucial, as the number of cases could start increasing with the rainy season. We urge the public while they stay safe at their homes to also look at keeping the environment around their houses clean.”

The public is requested to eliminate any areas that water could collect and is required to spend at least 30 minutes a week in activities such as discarding plastic cups, tins, bottles, coconut shells, etc. responsibly; covering water storage tanks, barrels, wells, buckets, and toilet cisterns; cleaning and removing water in roof gutters, flower pots, vases, bird baths, and refrigerator trays; and storing reusable items under a shelter, especially tyres, wheelbarrows, paint buckets, and other receptacles.

– Sarah Hannan