Dineth  – an all rounder  

Dineth Weeraratne is a bright sports star from Leeds International, Matara who is passionate about achieving good grades in the classroom as well as the playground. He became the first in both 100 m and long jump events during the 2019 zonal sports meet and became the Under-16 champion although he is still 14 years old.

Tell us who you are Dineth.

I’m Dineth Induwara Weeraratna and I am from Matara(Gandara). I live with my mother and my elder brother and my
father lives in Italy. I was born in Rome, Italy, but my father and my mother brought me to Sri Lanka to give me a good education. But every year, my father takes us to Italy for a vacation.

I’m studying at Leeds International School, Matara. I’m now studying in Form IV, waiting to sit for the GCE O/L exam in 2021. I study in English medium.I have been selected as a trainee prefect for the year 2019/2020. I was also a member of the school’s senior western band since 2017–I play the saxophone.

My hobbies include listening to English music, playing badminton,and taking part in various athletics events – especially short distance and long jump. I have a dog called Luna and I love him so much.

What’s your best achievement so far?

I participated in the zonal sports meet organised by the Educational Department this year (2019) and achieved the following places:

First place in 100 m – time record 11.8 sec
First place in long Jump – distance 6.14 mI became the Under–16 Boys’champion and I’m still 14 years and five months.How did you get into sports?When I was eight years old, I participated in a running event at the school sportsmeet. After that, my coach, Mr. Lal Wijewickrama,asked my mother to bring me to practices for further development. I was also supported by Mr.Jayasekara, our school sports coordinator at that time.What’s your favourite sport?

I’m playing badminton and cricket too, but athletics is my favourite.

Who supports you?

My father does. He helps me and gives me all the facilities that I need. So, I do my practices well. My mother takes me for practices every day and she attends every athletic meet with me. My coach,Mr. Lal Wijewickrama, takes care of me during the practices and in every athletic meet as well. Also, Leeds International School Network Chairman Dr.Sarath Jayathissa and Leeds Matara Principle Mr. Gagana Amadoru give me a great support for my sports activities.The present sports coordinator,Mr. Amila Ravihansa, attends every athletic meet with me and gives me courage and support to win the events. The athletics teacher-in-charge, Mrs. Champika, also supports me in many ways.

What do you do to stay physically fit?

Physical fitness is very important to me. Doing practising regularly and doing different types exercises help me stay strong and healthy.

It seems like you are quite busy. How do you manage your time?

I have practices from 5.30 a.m. to 8 a.m. After that, I engage in my studies at school. After school, I get some some rest, and some days, I go to extra classes for my education.

What qualities should a student have in order to become a good sportsman or a sportswoman?

As I have done sports for many years, I have learnt to work as a team player and how to face both victory and defeat.

What do you do to overcome your weak points?

I have overcome most of my weakness with the help of my elders.

What are your goals?

I want to be a very good athlete in the future and participate in Sri Lankan Athletics (pool).

What’s your ambition?

Even though I am successful in sports, my main ambition is to pass my O/L examination and sit for the IAL examination. After that, my ambition is to do a hotel corporation course and to go abroad for my future career.

Recent Achievements

ISAC organised by International Schools Athletic Association (2019)
at Sugathadasa Stadium, Colombo
100 m – fourth place 12.3 seconds (Under-16)

Zonal Meet organised by Matara District Education Department (2019) at Uyanwatta Ground, Matara
100 m – first place 1.8 seconds
Long jump – first place 6.14 m
Under-16 – Best Athlete 2019