Does art make you feel refreshed?

By Yashodhara Pathanjali 

It’s Sunday again! I hope that you had a good week with lots of stories and fun. I know these last weeks have been difficult for everyone with the curfew and the whole corona pandemic situation. Something that has helped a lot of people is turning to art, either to look at it or to create it. Last week, we talked about how important imagination is for the creation of things. It is that same imagination that helps us to dive into a different world to relax in tough times.

When we spend time exploring our imagination, we find images, stories, or ideas that we didn’t have before. These can help keep us interested and not feel bored. They can also help us feel more relaxed if the outside world feels too boring, stressful, or scary.

Sometimes when I’m working on a painting, particularly the really detailed parts, I get so lost in time that I forget whether it’s morning or evening. I can get lost in all the stories, movements, and colours that come to my mind when working on a painting. Does this happen to you too?  Have you tried working on a big and detailed piece that takes you all day? Does it make you feel refreshed?

Give it a go and see how you feel. Firstly, find a nice and quiet place where you can draw for some time. Tell your parents what you are doing so that they can also help to make sure you have the space you need. Then get some materials together. As it’s difficult these days to go and buy new things, collect any materials that you already have at home. You might have crayons, pencils, highlighters, watercolours, or chalks. Because exploring your imagination is the important thing, it’s okay to use any kind of material you have.

Then, see if you can think of a very calming and happy scene. Where do you like to be the most? A beach? A park? A forest? A magical garden? A secret castle? Under the sea? Anything! It could be anything that makes you happy. Once you decide what your drawing will be about, start at the bottom edge of the page and start creating the scene, so that the more you draw, the more it will be like walking in your scene. Add as much detail as you can. Add pretty things, funny things, interesting things, strange things…

Drawing like this can really help you relax and also grow your creativity more and more. When your creativity improves, you start to see the world differently; you start to see new possibilities, and even the smallest, most boring thing suddenly becomes so interesting. For instance, right now as I’m writing this to you, I can see a small concrete wall in front of me, which to most people would seem boring. But I can see all the little different colour variations in the cement and the shapes made. Here and there I can see faces of animals and of people, and a very fluffy sheep jumping. So keep drawing, keep exploring the amazing imagination that you have, and see if you can find images in funny places.

We will be talking about this exercise on our live show on Friday, 29 May at 4 p.m. and on Little Stars – The Sunday Morning Facebook page. So send in any pictures of your drawings to me at so that I can share them.