Don’t be distracted by politics, Malik tells foreign investors

Development Strategies and International Trade Minister Malik Samarawickrama today urged foreign investors to not be distracted by domestic issues when deciding to invest in Sri Lanka.

“Let me state upfront – do not let the domestic politics, and what you read in the news, distract you. Sri Lanka has its fair share of challenges and political issues, just like any democracy and any emerging market. Not just in emerging markets, even in the oldest democracy in the world we are seeing great political turmoil.”

He was making the keynote speech at the Inauguration of Sri Lanka Investment and Business Conclave today (16) at Shangri La Hotel Colombo. The event was organised by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce for the 4th consecutive time, and saw the participation of over 80 foreign delegates from 22 countries.

He added that in spite of any chaos or upheaval, there are two vital factors that remain constant.

“But two things remain certain and remain clear throughout – one: is the ample business opportunities that are available in Sri Lanka, and two: is the commitment of the Government to welcome foreign investors and help them succeed here.”

He went on to say that Sri Lanka is now on a “new path of progress”, becoming an economic hub in the Indian Ocean and an attractive place for business in Asia.

“Our Government has taken numerous initiatives to stabilise and re-orient the economy. Across the government we are focussing on reform initiatives to catalyse growth and create better jobs for our people,” he said, noting that Sri Lanka has made a rapid recovery from the Easter attacks.