Dynasty Residence – A haven in the hills

The man behind the property

! He left when he was 17 years old and ventured out to the US where he became a successful businessman in the development field. He then headed the US business council for expatriates and embarked on this project with the invitation of many high ranking Sri Lankans from Kandy.

“Our goal is to develop Kandy. It is time we branch out from Colombo and focus on our second largest city. We gave special thought to all those who are away and was born and bred in Kandy who now may want to come back or invest in a property from their hometown. We had to face many obstacles during this journey but our persistence has proved worthy today. We stand as the second highest with 19 stories in second only to the Sacred Temple of the Tooth Relic. We are also very close to the river with only a 30m distance; the new rule dictates that you have to a minimum of 100m away from the bank. After conducting many environmental assessment studies we managed to get approval.

The governor and municipal council of Kandy greatly supported our cause. We have also been greatly encouraged by the government with this project,” he elaborated.

Dynasty Residence Specifications

The complex is situated in close proximity to the Sacred Temple of the Tooth Relic, Peradeniya Botanical Gardens, and the Victoria Golf Club.

The highway exit is also to be within a distance of one km to the property. The property certainly qualifies in being a fantastic investment. With 70-80% of tourists visiting Sri Lanka making a pit stop in Kandy, there certainly is a demand for star class accommodation units in Kandy. Not to mention that tourist arrival rates are projected to double by 2020. It is a very conducive and stable environment for attracting investors as property can now be bought without a Sri Lankan citizenship.

Dynasty Residence is the first apartment complex in Sri Lanka to win the US Green Building Leadership in Energy and Environmental Designs Gold certification (LEED) and therefore, is internationally recognised. This ensures that the residents are provided with the best architecture and sustainable engineering designs and more importantly, improving their quality of life while living an environmentally conscious life.

“We put a lot of effort into getting the project done right the first time. Safety is our focal point and we have changed many design elements from the original plan to increase safety. Making it child friendly and accessible to the differently abled has also been a key focus. We can proudly say that all parts of our building including the car park, rooftop, pool, and common spaces were designed to make it easily accessible and accommodating. We also made sure that the complex is guarded and secured by ex-military personnel providing you with the best security services,” said Samaravijaya.

Dynasty Residence also boasts of being 1.5 times bigger than the apartments found in Colombo. The height is also greater than average. But what impressed us most is the effort put into ensuring there is ample fresh air and ventilation with the addition of a void at the centre of the building. Even on the hot afternoon we were there, air conditioning was not necessary when all the windows were opened.

Samaravijaya said: “Fresh air movement is a key element to living a healthy lifestyle. The air in this area was assessed and proved to be definitely better than most areas in Colombo.”

Why choose Dynasty?

There are 17 different designs for residents to choose from starting one to four bedroom apartments. Even the four penthouses are different to each other. There are two types of one-bedroom apartments, five types of two-bedroom apartments, eight types of three bedroom apartments, five unique sky villas and four penthouses. The sky villas feature double-height ceilings while the penthouses have their own private sky garden and golf putting area. “This was done so that you have a choice.

For instance you can pick having a Sri Lankan style kitchen as a separate room or a European style open kitchen. More importantly, residents can also pick their view! The apartment faces the Hanthana Mountains, Mahaweli River, the Knuckles and Hunnasgiriya mountain ranges. And then you have some apartments with a panoramic view of two of those views. Even from an aerial view, the complex blends in with the environment, ” said Samaravijaya.

There are 93 apartments in total starting from the sixth floor and the amenities are endless! This includes a restaurant, mini market, a reading garden, BBQ area with a space for private functions, an outdoor and indoor gym with a resident instructor, an infinity pool overlooking the river, a 170m jogging track on the rooftop, and a meditation area. There are also 114 parking slots with additional parking for the penthouses. There are also limited driver accommodation facilities given out on a first come, first serve basis. All the units include acoustic controls in order to abate noise pollution.

Dynasty Residence goes a step further by offering its very own in-house doctor, standing very true to everything under one roof!

Samaravijaya stated: “We have now sold 28-30% of the apartments. We are Kandy’s first luxury servicing apartment and encourage all those who are interested to come and take a look at our property. Our team will assist you with all your inquiries.” The project developers are GVR Lanka (Pvt.) Ltd. a BOI approved real estate and property development company. They also have an office in Colombo and can be contacted on their hotline 0777884066 or via email sales@dynastyresidence.com.

With phase one of this project completed, the developers aim to initiate phase two in the near future; a multi stories star class hotel in their neighbour property to this complex. This too will consist of all the luxuries and amenities that can be expected of this calibre.