EC employee on US payroll ?

United People Freedom Alliance (UPFA) Matara District Parliamentarian Kanchana Wijesekera claimed that an individual identified as Vasu Mohan was working at the Election Commission and that he was funded by the US Government.

The MP said that Mohan had been working with the Election Department and the Election Commission since 2015.

According to Wijesekera, Mohan was employed at the Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), an organisation which was funded by the US State Department.

He alleged that IFES was involved in software updates and computer repairs at the Election Commission.

However, Director General of the Election Commission Saman Ratnayake stated that Mohan was not involved with the work of the Commission.

“Mohan is working at IFES and he is a Sri Lankan. His parents are also living in Sri Lanka,” he said. “The computer system of the Commission was given to us by USAID and Mohan had supported that and had been working closely with the Commission even before 2004.”

“Mohan is not involved with the Commission work but is supporting the conducting of technical workshops for the employees,” he added.