EDB has resolved 14 out of 40 exporters’ issues this year

Exporters’ Forums conducted by the Export Development Board (EDB) have so far in the year taken up 40 issues with 14 of them being resolved completely, the EDB said on Friday.

The remaining 26 issues are in the process of being resolved, with most of them being policy-related issues.

“Most of the problems faced by exporters cannot be solved by one institution alone, and require a joint effort of several institutions. During the forum, exporters are able to find solutions to their trade-related issues from public sector institutions,” the EDB noted in a statement.

The most recent exporters’ forum was held on 11 June, 2019 and took 11 issues up for discussion.

The forum runs with the full attendance from the private sector, exporters, chambers, associations, and senior officials of the ministries and departments.

“The general consensus among the export community is that the forum results in a productive exchange of ideas between the private sector and the policymakers of the Government, which is immensely useful in addressing trade obstacles,” the statement added.

The EDB said that it is taking efforts to provide speedy solutions to those issues.
The next exporters’ forum will be held in the fourth week of August. The EDB has invited exporters and other enterprises to submit their export-related issues to the EDB to be taken up for discussion at the forum.

The EDB has been conducting the exporters’ forums since its inception in the late 70s.