Eid-Ul-Fitr guidelines issued

The Department of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs and the Wakfs Board has issued Guidelines for Muslims to follow during Eid-Ul-Fitr.

The guidelines will remain effective and unchanged until further notice.

1. Thakbeer can be recited using the loudspeaker of the mosque on the sighting of the first moon of Shawwal. No one else except the Imam and Muazzin shall enter the mosque. Please ensure not to disturb the neighbours, specially if they are people of other faiths.

2. Explanation of how to pray Eidul Fithar Salath at home can be given over loudspeaker after the recitation of Thakbeer over the loudspeaker without causing disturbance to neighbours, specially people of other faiths.

3. As congregational prayers in mosques are NOT permitted, Muslims shall pray at home with their families alone.

4. Muslims shall avoid visit of graveyards if the curfew is on. Since gatherings are NOT permitted, Muslims shall avoid visiting graveyards in groups when curfew is lifted. In such event, Mosque administrators must have a crowd control mechanism put in place. Those who are participating must adhere to Covid 19 precautions including wearing face masks and maintaining social distance.

5. Muslims shall avoid all types of public gatherings including to distribute relief assistance. If it is necessary to gather the public to distribute relief, then it should have prior approval of the area Medical Officer of Health and the Police and should be conducted under the supervision of Public Health Inspectors or Police.

6. Further, please educate the public to follow curfew regulations strictly.