EU deploys 30 short term observers across SL

The Chief of European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) Sri Lanka 2019, Marisa Matias, launched the latest phase of the mission today, deploying 30 Short-Term Observers (STOs) to all nine provinces of the country for election day observation.

30 short-term observers and a delegation of five members of the European parliament will join 30 long term observers who have been in the country carrying out observations for almost a month.

“Our full mission strength on election day will be some 80 observers. Together, they aim to observe at around 300 polling station and 30 counting centres at the very least in all electoral districts of the country,” Matias said.

Matias will present the EOM’s initial finding in a preliminary statement at a press conference in Colombo about two days after election day. She will later return to Sri Lanka to present the mission’s final report.

By Lalith Perera