Face masks: The new fashion trend

By Mahika Panditha

2020 so far has been a year that is definitely going to be read about in history books. One of the biggest things that has happened is Covid-19, without a doubt. The whole world went into lockdown for months, with some countries still remaining so.

With the coronavirus outbreak, face masks have become an utter necessity in the world. For us in Sri Lanka, it looks like they are becoming one of those things that will be in use in the future as well. And have you noticed that those plain blue ones, or the plain white or black ones just don’t match your outfit?

You could be wearing a bomb fit, boy or girl, and then have it ruined with a mismatched mask. I know the feeling. Or you could have applied some fine makeup only to have the mask smudge it off. Yeah, not the best feeling, is it?

Obviously, face masks were not intended for fashion purposes, but with the current situation, we must adapt, am I right?

Many influencers all over the world, including your favourite celebrities and Tik Tok artists, have fashioned their masks the best way possible. A designer in Italy even made a “trikini” as a joke wherein there was a mask matching the bikini she created! It is simply a matter of  adapting to the new normal.

Several of our local brands right here in Sri Lanka have taken it upon themselves to make some absolutely gorgeous masks. You could get floral ones, simple fabric ones, or even ones inspired by comics! I truly think there is a mask for every occasion. But, of course, if you are more into a simple black or white mask – go for it! Rock your style. In case you are looking for options, here are some brands that are making masks here that you can purchase.

Thambili Islandwear

We all know and love Thambili Islandwear for their absolutely gorgeous kimonos, kaftans, and more. In light of recent events, they came out with their multicoloured and business casual sets. Their masks have a gorgeous linen outing and a comfy two-ply cotton lining. The sizes offered are medium and large, and they will even do kids sizes on request! Be sure to check it out if you are looking for some super gorgeous, and simple masks to wear on a daily basis.

Monkey & Peaches

I have to admit, this is one of the cutest brands I have come across. They create stunning adjustable and reusable face masks that you can order. Monkey & Peaches has masks ranging from tropical fabrics, floral fabrics, kid-friendly fabrics, and more! My personal favourite definitely has to be the polka dotted ones though; these are just adorable and I think they have a pink and white one too!


Mr. Maker

As their Instagram bio says, it is bespoke manufacturing at its best. Mr. Maker has some amazingly creative face masks. Quite frankly, I would buy the whole lot. They have a superhero range and will even make custom designs for you. All you have to do is email them and they will send you a soft copy of what your personally designed mask will look like. Mr. Maker even has a kids range if you are looking to shop for your siblings!

Wear Confetti

This brand has a “buy one, get one” policy wherein whenever you buy a mask, they give one to someone who cannot afford it. That is absolutely amazing and definitely admirable on their part. Wear Confetti has a wide variety of designs that you can select from. Everything is made here in Sri Lanka and can be reused up to 20 times! They have some floral prints, some plaid prints, and even some simple striped ones. Check out their Instagram page and check out their gorgeous print collection.

Licci Linen

A brand with a variety of sizes and designs on offer, Licci Linen offers reusable and adjustable masks and I genuinely think that you can get a mask for each outfit you have! They even have masks with headbands so it is easier and more comfortable to wear, but it is up to you. There is a pastel collection, a masquerade collection, and more. My favourite ones are from the goth collection and the pastel collection. Truly, masks for two very different moods, and I love it!

Shop Cuban

Three-layered masks that are both sustainable and reusable! There are so many stunning designs they have too. You know how the usual masks make it a little hard to breathe? Well, Shop Cuban’s masks are ultra-breathable. My favourite design is the aqua design from their collection of masks. DM them for orders and get yours today. They even have a pineapple design on one of their masks, it is just the cutest thing.

La Ceylone

Your favourite tropical shirt brand has also come out with their own masks! You can get a set of five in the designs seen on their Instagram page and they will deliver just the next day. The masks are made as sustainably as possible just like their beautiful shirts. All of their masks are made for easy breathability and there is also an extra layer for protection. These are reusable and can be washed without severe damage. Check ‘em out – they will go perfectly with your outfits for the summer!

Emcee Store

Now, although this is a kids store, I urge you to check out their beautiful batik masks. They are colourful, affordable, and stunning. You can pick them up from Boralesgamuwa or order them for delivery right to your doorstep if that is easier for you. Both reusable and washable, you can get whatever colour works best for you. Buy a set even, it is definitely a pop of colour.

El Chaperone

I am sure you have seen these along your Instagram feed! You can actually even order these on Uber Eats, and DM them for corporate orders if need be. They have six popular prints – Roar Facie, 420 Facie, Bella Ciao Facie, District Colombo Facie, Anti-Social Distancing Facie, and Strong Confident Facie. All of their masks are reversible, washable, as well as reusable! Isn’t that great?

My Tote Bag

Do not be confused by their name! They also make some adorable masks. They even offer the option to customise your own masks. But if you are looking to shop their prints, those are pretty cute too. My favourite ones are the floral watercolour ones, and the one that says: “If you’re reading this, you’re too close!” – how creative! Check them out and get your mask today!

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