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First world champion Lafir remembered in Kandy

By Hafiz Marikar in Kandy

Plans are afoot in Kandy by some of the cue-sports lovers to play an invitation cue tournament in memory of the first World Cup winner of the country in any sport, M.J.M. Lafir.

Muhammad Junaid Muhammad Lafir was born in 1930 and passed away in 1981 aged 50. He won the World Amateur Billiards Championship in December 1973, defeating Satish Mohan of India in the finals held in Mumbai, making our country proud.

The first tournament in Kandy is expected to be cued off in June. The problem here in Kandy was that there was no proper place to have the tournament. Today, some clubs are using their cue room as their store room. Only Mahanuwara YMBA plays the game while Kandy YMMA has forgotten it. For years, no one has played on that table.

The trophy is ready, and so is the cash award. Now the only thing needed is a place to have the tournament.