Fresh attempt to woo Chinese, Indian tourists

By Randev Jayasinha

Top government officials will travel to China to woo Chinese tourists back to Sri Lanka following the deadly Easter Sunday attacks.

Minister of Tourism Development, Wildlife, and Christian Religious Affair John Amaratunga will lead the delegation to China to attend a number of trade and tourism fairs to offer favourable travel packages to the Chinese to visit Sri Lanka.

Amaratunga told The Sunday Morning that the delegation will be travelling to Beijing and Guangzhou.

“The delegation hopes to address several travel fairs and tourist agencies in these respective cities to promote the nation’s return to normalcy as well as introduce the all-new China tour package aimed at the Chinese tourist market,” the Minister further added.

After the Sri Lankan delegation’s brief tour of China, the Minister added that they hope to travel to India as well, to speak with Indian travel agencies and address the press at travel fairs, to assure the safety of travel to Sri Lanka.

“Five days after the implementation of the China tour packages, we hope to introduce a brand new India tour package as well which will be favourable to the Indian tourist markets,” the Minister said.

China softened its travel advise on Sri Lanka on 26 May 2019 urging travellers now to take safety precautions when visiting Sri Lanka.

“So far, most states have only softened their travel advisories to Sri Lanka, but in the coming months, we hope that these restrictions will be lifted as the country is returning to a state of normalcy,” Amaratunga said.

As of now, most states have updated their travel advisories to the island nation. However, only Sweden has removed the travel advisory completely.