Fuel prices reduced under pricing formula

The monthly revision of the price of fuel was implemented last night (10) under the fuel pricing formula.

Accordingly, the price of fuel has been reduced as of last month.

The Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) said that Petrol 92 Octane has been reduced by Rs 2 per litre, Petrol 95 Octane by Rs 5 per litre and Super Diesel also by Rs 5.

However, the CPC will not be making any changes to the price of Auto Diesel.

Respectively, the Lanka India Oil Company (LIOC) also reduced its price of fuel under its own formula.

The price of Petrol 92 Octane by Rs 3.00 per litre, Petrol 95 Octane by Rs 5.00 and Super Diesel by Rs 5.00 per litre while the price of Auto Diesel will remain constant.