General election 2020: CCTV cameras for counting centres?

By Skandha Gunasekara

The use of CCTV cameras at counting centres is considered an option for better transparency at the upcoming parliamentary election, The Morning learnt.

Election Secretariat (EC) Commissioner General Saman Sri Ratnayake told The Morning that several new proposals had been made regarding the general election in August.

“It has been suggested that we use CCTV cameras in counting centres. Several other proposals have also been made,” he said.

He noted that a final decision has not been taken as yet, but counting would start in the early hours on 6 August.

In addition, he said that mock counting operations will also be carried out as a considerable time will be consumed, especially with the new ballot papers being a record length.

“All districts will have a mock counting scenario. They will do it before the election on various dates when it is best for each district. The new ballot paper is extremely long, so a trial counting situation would do good to determine various factors,” Ratnayake said.