Get to know Aishi Ragawan

By Mahika Panditha

We are practically halfway through the year. It is unbelievable. Today, we are featuring a stunning and super sweet gal – Aishi (Aishwini) Ragawan (@aishi_ragawan). She studied at Bishop’s College and says that she has always steered towards art and fashion, which makes sense because…have you seen her looks? They are absolutely gorgeous.

Aishi also runs her own business called Mika Cookie Dough (@mika_cookiedough) that she started with the help of her loving boyfriend, Dhulmith Gerard Mendis. The brand specialises in different flavours of edible cookie dough along with several other delicious sweet treats (the sweet tooth in me craves).

Aishi currently has seven beautiful and adorable dogs. “I’m really passionate about caring for dogs that are less fortunate. Every month, I make sure to bring home a dog from an orphanage to look after for a few weeks. I’m currently taking care of two dogs, Chooti and Fluffy, from the streets and providing them with basic needs and tonnes of love,” she shared.

Aishi also loves to travel and often finds it very relaxing to take a break from the beautiful chaos of Colombo. She also hopes to travel across Europe later in the future. Just a fun fact before we dive into the questions: Aishi’s guilty pleasure is eating almond butter! She has been doing so since she was a kid.

Anyways, we got to ask her a few questions last week, and here is what she had to say.

So, how did you get into modelling?

I grew up being influenced by Paris Hilton; her style, aura, and leadership as a businesswoman has always empowered me and inspired me to model. I would like to thank my friend Mandeera Saverimutto for giving me my first gig in the industry, which was a show organised by Beverley Street.

What has been your favourite memory so far in the industry?

Every part of my journey as a model has been memorable, mostly because of the fun and talented people I get to meet. Meeting a few celebrities and designers I’ve always wanted to work with were the most memorable for sure.

Got any funny stories for us?

When I got home one evening, my dog had eaten a full tube of lipstick. She was feeling generous and shared the lipstick with the carpet, door, and her feet. My six-year-old Doberman looked as if a kid had painted on him for a good week or so. And I still have the pink lipstick-stained carpet. Whenever I notice the carpet and the stains, it always cracks me up.

Tell us about some of the biggest lessons you have learned so far.

My career taught me time management and how important it is to have a routine. Getting used to a daily routine helped me stay mentally and physically healthy. My career has introduced me to a lot of new people and I have made connections which have taught me the importance of relationships in this industry and also in my personal life.

I’m grateful to have made many friends throughout this journey, including my best friend Mahela de Silva whom I met through a gig in 2017. Having worked with a plethora of different designers, I’ve better understood style and the importance of presentability over time; it has definitely helped me shape up my personality.

You have a beautiful sense of style! What is the one must-have item in your closet?

I have many wardrobe staples that I can talk about, but a must-have for all gals would be a bodycon dress preferably in a neutral tone. My favourite is black. This is one piece of clothing that I have found to be versatile across many different occasions within my daily life. I’ve personally found that a bodycon dress can be easily styled up for something more occasional or even a meeting with a client, and it can also be styled down for a casual day of strolling. I also find it to be very comfortable.

What is a fashion trend you think needs to go?

Again, there is a lot I can talk about here, although an item of clothing I have always despised is balloon pants. From baggy pyjama pants to hippie pants and harem pants, I wish they never existed. I wouldn’t personally even wear them at home. It can be comfortable for some people but with how it’s overdone, it really needs to go.

What about a fashion trend that needs to come back?

I personally feel like the 1970s was an amazing era in fashion. I have always been a fan of glam rock culture. It’s a perfect combination of glitter and glamour with the classic rock attitude. I’ve always been mesmerised and inspired by the outrageous clothes, makeup, and hairstyles along with the crazy high-platform shoes. The bright and shiny pops of colour really brought out the energetic and fun qualities of the frequent disco-goer. Brands and designers should be working on collections that give a taste of such past western subcultures. Contemporary design innovations from these trends should definitely return to the current market.

If you could give your followers one message, what would it be?

Be yourself no matter who you are, who you love, or where you come from, and never doubt yourself or your talent. We all have something unique to give and that’s what empowers us. Don’t allow anyone’s critique to pull you back from who you really are. Always work on how you can build yourself and improve your personal skills and talents. Don’t ever give up. The trajectory of life is always unpredictable and can put you through many hurdles, but don’t let these define you; how you get past them is what will shape you and make you stronger.

Where do you see yourself and your platform in the next few years?

I’m currently working on expanding my online platform to vlogs about styIing and makeup. I also endeavour to establish my own clothing and footwear label in the future. I would love to own my own dog orphanage that mainly focuses on looking after disabled dogs and providing them with the best care and love.

Photos Blanc Noir Studio, Anushka Photographs, Aishi, Ayshcharya Pinto, Yadushika Radhakrishnan, Pamod Nilru