Gota admits document is fake

Former Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa says that a document being circulated on social media claiming to be the Certificate of Loss of Nationality of the United States received by him, is a fake.

Rajapaksa told The Sunday Morning that the document that has been published in the media is a fake and that he is in possession of the proper document.

“The document that is being shared is a fake. I have the real copy with me,” he said.

However, when asked whether he would share his true copy with the media, Rajapaksa said he would not do so as there was no requirement for it.

“I will provide the documents when required to the Elections Commission,” he noted.

Rajapksa further said that he is no longer a dual citizen and has therefore returned the passport previously held by him which stated he was a dual passport holder and is in possession now of the Sri Lankan passport.

“The Immigration Controller knows that I am now a single passport holder since I have received my new Sri Lankan passport, which I received after surrendering my former dual passport,” Rajapaksa said.