Govt. issues heat wave warning

The government has requested the public to take precautionary measures to avoid health conditions that may occur as a result of  sudden temperature increases experienced in the Island.

The government has warned of health conditions such as heat stress, heat cramps and heat strokes.

It added that children, senior citizens, those engaged in outdoor work activities and heart patients are prone to health conditions during the heat wave.

The public is advised to take shelter in cooling places, to continuously stay hydrated, to refrain from consuming carbonated drinks instead of water, to use umbrellas and head gear when going out during hours 11.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. , to  wear cotton and light colored clothing while outdoors.

The Department of Meteorology stated that Heat Index is likely to reach the ‘Extreme Caution’ level in the coming few days in some parts of the country.

The caution level records temperatures ranging between 32-41 Celsius degrees.