Growing vegies for relief: Jaffna Uni students step forward

150 families living in the vicinity of the University of Jaffna were fortunate to receive fresh vegetables cultivated at the University premises last month.

In view of the two-month curfew, the Student Union of the Faculty of Arts from the University of Jaffna repurposed a 10-acre barren land into a vegetable farm.

The undergraduates cultivated chillies, green leaves, carrots, and pumpkins during the lockdown period in the Keerimalai area in Jaffna.

“We undertook this activity to utilise the barren land for cultivation purposes and to be of assistance to the families that had lost their livelihoods due to the prolonged curfew imposed to prevent Covid-19 from spreading. In addition to distributing the harvested vegetables to these families, we also distributed dry rations to these families a few weeks ago,” a representative from the Student Union noted.