Happy anniversary to King of the Mambo

By Dimithri Wijesinghe

King of the Mambo celebrated its one-year anniversary on 15 October, at 6 p.m., hosting an on-brand tropical-themed party complete with a special drinks menu created especially for the event and fun little hors d’oeuvres to go around.

Joining the festivities was some of Sri Lanka’s most famous faces; the newlywed Yoshitha Rajapaksha and his wife Nithiesha Jayasekara, former cricket captain Anjelo Matthews, the Priyasad sisters, and many others, including a number of household names in the fashion industry and also social media personalities.

Featuring live Cuban music and temporary drink stalls setup for the invitees, the event certainly delivered when it came to ambience. However, when the rain got a little heavy, things went south, as the restaurant was not at all prepared for the rain. While a marquee was setup over the cocktail tables, the thatched roof, even in the main seating area, kept letting through droplets of water; surprises that were not at all welcome, startling all the diners every few minutes.

We also felt that the staff was somewhat lax, with most of the orders taking forever to get to the tables and many appearing overall confused with the goings on.

Regardless, as is expected when there is free-flowing booze, the event was brimming with excited attendees and fun energy, and thankfully the rain too died down as the night went on. Pleasantries were exchanged and some danced in small groups around cocktail tables. It was a very pleasant night overall.

King of the Mambo, since it hit the Colombo hospitality scene, has been making waves with their vibrant ladies nights and various Cuban-themed events coupled with their amazing food and inventive drinks. One year down the line, they’ve maintained a fun and alluring appeal, drawing in young people on Friday nights without fail.

We extend our warmest wishes to King of the Mambo. Happy one-year anniversary and here’s to many more!

Photos Eshan Dasanayaka