Have we seen the end of Malinga?

This is a tricky question that begs an answer since early this year. We at ‘The Morning Sports’ predicted this eventuality as far back as last May that the outbreak of the pandemic and the resultant postponement of this year’s T20 World Cup in Australia could leave the ace speedster without any feasible farewell options following a glistening career.

Malinga didn’t take part in this year’s IPL and has often conceded that he has not begun training due to the coronavirus lockdown etc.

Can Malinga return to international cricket? We posed this question to a senior cricket official who is in the know of the matter. “Malinga has not been training for the last seven, eight months,” he said.

“He withdrew from the IPL too. All depends on his fitness at the time of any future selections. It’s too early to say whether he will continue or not. The next T20 World Cup is almost one year down the road”.