‘I love Sri Lanka, I love the food and the people!’ – Big Mountain

Richard ‘Goofy’ Campbell and some of the other members of Big Mountain arrived in Sri Lanka today (14 August), well in advance of the Colombo Music Festival presented by Cinnamon Life.

The week leading up to the Colombo Music Festival will be dotted with the arrival of the stars that will make 18 August a day to remember.

The nation’s ardent reggae and dancehall lovers would love to know that the streets of Colombo will be graced by some of the biggest names of the genres.

Big Mountain had a brief conversation with us despite being tired after a long flight. They were able to convey their excitement about performing in Sri Lanka and how much they looked forward to Saturday to entertain the Sri Lankan audiences.

“Check it out, you got to be there. We are very excited to be here right now. I love Sri Lanka, I love the food and the people!” ‘Goofy’ from Big Mountain enthused.

When asked about what to expect of them at the Festival, they said,

“It’s gonna be fire, check it, it’s gonna be fun on the 18th, nothing less than high energy!”

Goofy went on to reveal some details about their performance,

“It’s gonna be a lot of bass, a lot of reggae music, some pop music mixed with reggae,”

and finally when asked if there are any surprises in store,

“We can’t tell, it’s a surprise, you come, and you are gonna get the surprise, you gonna see it,” Goofy said confidently.

Watch out for the arrival of Shaggy, Diana King, Maxi Priest and Quino, the lead singer from Big Mountain this week, and make sure to experience the hottest new festival in the international music circuit.

Bringing all the flair, vibrancy, soul and energy of a global festival to Colombo, Cinnamon Life is set to present this revolutionary day-long event as a contemporary festival experience with a truly global feel.

To buy your tickets visit or call 071 711 8111.


Event details 

When? 18 August
Where? Havelock Sports Club Grounds 
*Gates open at 3 pm and music starts at 4.30 pm
Hotline: 071 711 8111