Imagining amazing new worlds through art

By Yasodhara Pathanjali

I am Auntie Yasodhara Pathanjali. I’m an artist, fashion designer, and children’s author. I love lots of colour and painting all the time. I also love working with children to help them be more creative. So I’m going to be here with you every week to talk about art, creativity, and how YOU can help make the world a better place. Every Sunday, I will explore an idea or theme here in the paper, and then on Fridays at 4 p.m. I will be LIVE on Little Stars – The Sunday Morning Facebook page (@littlestarstabloid), where you will be able to send in your artworks to show me.

I have loved painting since I was really young, maybe when I was three or four years old, but it was only when I was a lot older and became a mum that I started to really paint and do more creative things.

At the moment, I love to paint on paper, fabric, wood, glass, pots…pretty much anything and everything. One day I might even end up painting on my kids! Did you know that I painted the largest mural in Sri Lanka? It’s 100 square metres. It’s HUGE! It is so big that it took me more than five weeks to paint and I had to use two storeys of scaffolding.

My children also love to draw and paint, but they have their own styles, very different from mine, and that is something that I love. Actually, my older daughter is featured on the cover of this edition. She talks a little about her drawings in her interview. Together, we like to draw as many interesting things in our minds as possible.

Sometimes what we have in our mind to draw is not something that we have seen out there in the real world, books, or in other people’s drawings. Those are the things that we have to draw and colour to bring into the real world; our own creations that can’t be done by anyone else. Those are very special and the more we do them, the better we get at imagining amazing new worlds.

My drawings have a lot of flowers, leaves, and trees, but not one is from real life. It is all somewhere floating inside my mind and when I draw, the thoughts come running. Sometimes, I will start drawing one kind of flower, but it will become something else completely and I look at it and wonder where it came from! Other times, I plan for certain colours to be in a drawing, but when I do it, I end up using different colours because it feels right. But I always love the accidental result; something that wasn’t there before and something that can bring me and others happiness.

My daughters love to draw animals they imagine. Some are like giant fish flying in the sky, an ostrich which is also a horse, or even a flying dinosaur. It’s amazing to see these creatures that I have never seen or heard of, come alive on paper.

What is your favourite thing to draw from your imagination?

Are they characters? Natural things? Man-made things? Seas? Forests? Just colours?

Whatever you like to draw, I would love to see it and share some with the rest of our readers.

Join me on 22 May at 4 p.m. and on Little Stars – The Sunday Morning Facebook page ( so that we can talk a bit about drawing from imagination and how you can improve the practise. Email me any drawings you’ve done on