Increasing PCR tests: Several weeks away

The Ministry of Health has already initiated plans to double the number of daily PCR tests conducted.

Public Health Services Deputy Director General Dr. Paba Palihawadana said that it would take several weeks to reach the targeted number.

“We have already started. We hope to increase the daily PCR tests by twice the existing number. Hopefully, in about another week or so, we will be carrying out an additional 1,000 tests per day,” Dr. Palihawadana said.

She said that currently around 2,200-2,300 PCR tests are being carried out everyday.
“We have the capacity to increase the daily testing numbers. It’s just a matter of implementation which requires time,” she said, noting that with the increased arrivals of expat Sri Lankans and plans to reopen the country for international tourism from August, essential daily PCR testing was increased.

By Skandha Gunasekara