Iraj sends Letter of Demand to former Sports Minister Harin Fernando

Popular musician Iraj Weeraratne, through his lawyer Prabuddhika Tissera, has fired a letter of demand to former Sports Minister Harin Fernando over defamatory remarks made to his character.

The letter refers to a media briefing held by Fernando on May 21, 2020, where he had made several claims including the below;

  • That Weeraratne is holding a director position at Sri Lanka Tourism, under the present government
  • Weeraratne is neither a male nor a boy
  • He tarnishes and destroys the culture of this country by making videos containing harmful footage and images
  • For insinuating that Weeraratne was either the creator, editor and or the distributor of the alleged video pertaining to former MP Kavinda Jayawardena

Iraj has expressly denied all the aforementioned allegations levied against him.

The letter requests Fernando to immediately cease and desist his unlawful defamation of Weeraratne and to provide a written assurance within 14-days that he will cease and desist from further defamation of Weeraratne’s character and reputation with a firm apology for the damage caused.

The letter says if Fernando does not comply with the cease and desist demand, Weeraratne will pursue all available legal remedies including  seeking monetary damages , injunctive relief and an order that will demand the payment of court cost and attorney’s fee.