Kamer Nizamdeen’s brother insists allegations are baseless

The brother of Kamer Nizamdeen, the Sri Lankan arrested in Australia over alleged terrorism links, has insisted that his brother is innocent.

In a statement on Facebook, Nizamdeen’s brother says for 19 years of his life he grew up adoring his brother and urged the public not to believe the stories published in the media.

“I remember when walked into school for the first  time with my brother holding my hand. I remember meeting his friends and them telling me that he is the one they go to when they seek advice. I remember I remember his friends telling him that they wished they were half the man he is. I remember him as the type of man who could light up a party and still wake me up for Fajr the next morning. Please do not believe whatever the media puts forward as that is completely opposite of the beliefs of my brother and that is not the way we were raised by our parents. Everything he did he did for the well-being of his family and would always try to help his parents in whatever way he could,” Kamer Nizamdeen’s brother said.

He said that his brother’s accomplishments within the university in UNSW speak for themselves and he would have had absolutely no reason to engage in such disgusting, hateful crimes to a city which has been extremely open to him for the past 6 years.

The statement, which does not identify the brother, said that Nizamdeen was an open minded Muslim who has been framed by someone with immense jealousy in their hearts. Jealousy on his accolades, his position and the type of character he has developed.

“When the media tells you that he traveled to Sri Lanka and “other areas” please understand that “other areas” are not Syria or any war torn region in the Middle East it is simply The United States Of America where he traveled to visit family. When they tell you that they raided his apartment and found “Electronic Gadgets” please note that they are referring to a Phone,Laptop and an Xbox. Do not fall into the trap of believing whatever they tell you as they are now desperate to cover up their mistakes. He has been falsely accused and as justification of having no conclusive evidence their motive is to prolong his stay under custody to simply save themselves. I sincerely ask all those of you who know him to put a small message/statement regarding your interactions and memories with him. To those of you who want to continue downgrading him for this simple accusation put yourself in his shoes or his families shoes. He has not been able to communicate with any one of us back home and and we are simply broken and deeply affected by this unnecessary turn of events however we won’t give up in fighting for his cause and exposing the truth,” the statement said.

The Australian media said the student has not been charged with being a member of a terror group.

“At this stage it appears that this is an individual operating on his own. There is certainly some further investigation that is required but again it is a matter that is before the courts,” NSW Joint Counter Terrorism Team commander acting superintendent Michael Sheehy said at a press conference on Friday.