Karu to abolish Executive Presidency if chosen as candidate

Speaker of Sri Lanka Parliament Karu Jayasuriya said he will consider contesting if abolishing the Executive Presidency is the mandate under which he contests.

In a press statement issued today Jayasuriya says he was requested by the clergy, civil societies and youth movements to consider contesting for the forthcoming presidential elections.

He said these parties highlighted the need for a noble leader who will protect democracy and address the country’s political issues.

He said strengthening the 19th Amendment to the Constitution must also be a part of the mandate.

In such background  he said  will contest as the candidate of the  United National Front (UNF) with the blessings of the party members.

Jayasuriya’s statement follows UNP’s announcement that it will abolish the Executive Presidency immediately after the 2020 presidential elections.

The United National Party is currently in a deadlock struggling to reach consensus over the appointment of a suitable presidential candidate.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe and Deputy Leader Sajith Premadasa have declared their intentions to contest.