Get to know the truth

As you turn these crisp white pages with eager anticipation, expecting the unexpected, let us assure you that The Sunday Morning, beginning this 30th day of September, 2018, will not disappoint. We begin by making that pledge to you today.
The Sunday Morning makes its appearance in a world that thrives on speculation, misinformation, and downright ‘fake news’ as (in)famously described by US President Donald Trump who earlier this week exhorted the nations that comprise the United Nations to “pursue peace without fear, hope without despair, and security without apology”.
On the other end of the spectrum, a susceptible public is bombarded with an overdose of information 24×7. Much of this information is clutter and has very little value. The information overdose is spewed from a multitude of channels ranging from dubious social media postings to self-styled “authoritative” outlets.
It would not be untrue to state that every media organisation today, wherever they may be; big or small, state or private, mainstream or unconventional, has an agenda – and don’t be surprised, so do we. Though born today, we are mature and bold enough to admit it.
So why, you would wonder, spend Rs. 60 of your hard earned money on purchasing yet another newspaper with an “agenda”?
The answer is simple. Our agenda is to simply tell the truth, period. Recent history however shows that our chosen endeavour may not be that simple. We are well aware of the pitfalls that lie ahead in executing the agenda we hold sacred – that we should spare no pain and not hesitate to take the long, winding road, sparing no expense to bring you the truth each week.
Let it also be said that we certainly aren’t the first to go down this road. At least one other, in recent memory, tried and paid the price. We tread on this road with a collective memory, still fresh with vivid recollections of an agonising past that is relived every day and every time a pen is held in hand. Being a national newspaper with a national outlook, we do hope fate will be kinder while we uphold the responsibility of reporting the truth day in and day out.
As the newest member of the Fourth Estate, we are well aware of the power we wield through the mighty pen and the immense responsibility that goes with it. At the end of the day, power is nothing without control. It has been stated that the role of media is to shape, influence, and inspire public thinking, to lead the thought process, to inform so that correct decisions could be made, and also to amuse and entertain.
With no offence to anyone, sections of today’s media seem to be more focused on the latter though not entirely by design. It is our considered view that an enlightened nation with a proud history, deserves better.
Today, as contemptuous as it may seem, what passes for ‘news’ is in reality the ‘views’ of a few –mostly bankrupt politicians eager for a share of media space so that they remain relevant in an irrelevant dialogue that does little or no good for national well-being. Our people deserve better!
From a national perspective we find great injustice being meted out to the dedicated, hardworking, conscientious yet voiceless Sri Lankans who in fact are the real change agents; the influencers who lead by example and the unsung heroes who serve silently to make Sri Lanka tick, while those who continue to cause carnage on the national stage hog the limelight.
Page space and airtime are filled the easy way by pitting ever-willing politicians against each other. The result? Entertainment that passes for news.
The pages of The Sunday Morning will be open to all those who have a story to tell. We will endeavour to restore ethical, unbiased reporting that will not only raise public spirit and galvanise the nation to aspire for higher ideals and moral values but also motivate the younger generation to achieve greater success, transforming Sri Lanka not only into a country full of resources but also resourceful people.
We reiterate that our ethos shall remain entrenched in credible reportage that conforms to the highest journalistic standards, built around a system of checks and balances with little mercy for ambiguity. Old-style in depth research and painstaking investigation will be the bedrock on which our edifice will be built.
We realise that just as much as the media has evolved, so has the readership. This is why we have created a platform that is engaging, interactive, and informative, especially to the millennials who have a mind of their own.
Although the prophets of doom have been foreseeing the end of the print medium for many years now, print has reinvented itself in many forms and its latest manifestation, in the form of The Sunday Morning, is proof that the predicted end is nowhere in sight.
Today, as Liberty Publications introduces The Sunday Morning to Sri Lanka, we cannot help but hear the echoes ringing out that it’s good to finally know the truth!