Mock election successful: Commissioner General Elections

The Mock election with Covid-19 Health Regulations held today at the Ambalangoda Vilegoda Dhammayukthikarama Temple was success according to Commissioner General of Elections Saman Rathnayake.

Rathnayake speaking to The Morning said the mock elections ran smoothly and did not take as much time as anticipated.

“The mock election was held today to ascertain variables such as how long voters would take at a polling booth while adhering to health guidelines,” he said.

Rathnayake said within 2 hours 240 persons were able to vote. He said 2 voters were able to vote within a minute as opposed to 2.3 voters recorded in a normal scenario.

He added that the number of officials at a polling booth may have to be increased by one.

He said members of the Sri Lanka Medical Council had also participated to observe mock election.

Pictures by Balapitiya R. S. Dharmadasa