Nadeesha Perera

Having just launched her YouTube channel, Nadeesha Perera is a talented singer who plans to post music and lifestyle vlogs. She is 21 years old and currently follows a BA in Literature and Linguistics at CINEC.


What are some of your interests?

Such a variety of things interest me. That’s probably why it was so hard to figure out exactly what I wanted to do with my life. I love travelling and hiking even though I am terrified of heights – absolutely terrified! So much so that I get vertigo when I hike, so it’s pretty intense. But I also love facing my fears, so I do it anyway.

I love literature and learning about the world, people, and different cultures. I love hanging out with my friends and just jamming to epic music. I love, love, love sitting in the middle of a room with a great sound system and truly feeling every word and note produced by the brilliant mind of Freddie Mercury and Queen. Honestly, that’s one of my favourite things to do. It makes me cry every time!


You recently started posting on YouTube. What kind of content have you put up so far?

My vlogs are lifestyle vlogs, which means there is no specific genre as such in what I post. I have posted a travel vlog and a music video so far.


What can subscribers expect from your channel in the future?

In the future, I plan on posting more musiccentred vlogs but also some pretty random stuff. It will depend on the day and what inspires me. Like I said, there is no specific genre to my channel; I just want to post about all the things that inspire me, but music will play a huge role in most of what I post.


Tell us a bit about your music video.

So this is the song that started everything for me. I loved the song but I was never that confident about my singing abilities. This started it for me, so it seemed like the perfect video to post as my first music video. I sang with my boyfriend, which also made the process pretty fun and also I was also super comfortable because I didn’t feel like I was doing it all alone.


What are four songs you love to sing?

  1. Shallow and Always Remember Us This Way by Lady Gaga. I love these songs because the music and lyrics bring out so much emotion in me. I feel like I can completely relate.
  2. Misty by Ella Fitzgerald. I first heard it at a concert I took part in when I was a kid. Three seniors at my class sang it and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since! And I love Ella Fitzgerald’s tone.
  3. When We Were Young by Adele
  4. Love Of My Life by Queen because I honestly believe it’s one of Freddie’s best songs. No one can sing it like him, but we can try with our own versions of the song


YouTube: Nadeesha Perera

Instagram: nadeesha97