Nail trends you have to get on 

By Mahika Panditha 

Every year, there is a new set of trends that come into play.

Over the due course of quarantine, when the world was shut down, more and more people found that they could do super creative nail art at home; then once lockdown ended for us here in Colombo, the nail salons were happy to do it for us!

Whilst I absolutely love getting my nails done, I am not one for a monthly manicure. However, I probably should invest in it; although, I do love good gel extensions. There is just something about it that adds to my confidence. It’s a given that it comes with having to be super careful when putting your jeans on or opening things so you do not end up snapping the extensions a few days after having had them done.

Anyways, here are the nail trends that I absolutely adore and I have been seeing everywhere – they are so gorgeous. I think these pretty much work for everyone, whether you are a “one shade only” kind of person or a crazy nail art-type. There is something for everyone, so do not fret! 


Multi-colour French tips – this is a huge trend that I have seen come up recently, and I am yet to try it out. I love a good French tip in red – it’s so classy and chic. French tips actually go back a long way. It started with the original white tips, but hey, it’s 2020 and nothing is impossible! Pick a colour or a few colours of your choice, and get those tips working. Even a combination of pastel shades works so well.


Split nails – this does not sound even close to what it is; just imagine a gradient on your nails but split with two colours. It’s actually pretty simple and works well if you are going for a neutral look. You can go for any two colours you like – black and white, red and pink, etc. It’s workable in whichever way you like! I would personally go for a black and white as it goes with everything.


Inkblot nails – this is so cute. Although, I can guarantee you that an aunty will ask you why your nail polish is chipped if you go for this. However, this is a much more elegant version of destroyed nails – it looks very simple and minimal, as it should be. Pick any colour you like, and go crazy with it. The colour does not need to take up all of your nail but just parts of it. 


Retro-shape nails – I am in love with this design feature! It is similar to pop art but it is a combination of several different designs like shapes, squiggles, and splashes of colour! It is super fun and this would be perfect for those of you working in the creative industry; it adds a sense of excitement to your outfit and is definitely bound to lift your mood! I would be so happy waking up every morning and looking at these nails. 


Celestial nails – for those of you who are into the whole sun, moon, and stars designs – this one is for you. The dark blue and gold designs are so gorgeous. It is honestly one of the most dreamy nail designs and you can actually even go for something similar to the Aurora Borealis too. It is both graceful and exciting at the same time; the best of both worlds. 


Where can you get these done? 


There are so many amazing nail salons in our beautiful little island. Here are a few I would highly recommend! I am yet to try them all, but do give them a look and see which one works for you. Check them out and try out some new nail designs – it will definitely make your day! 


  1. Nail Craft – 84, Lauries Road, Colombo 4 
  2. Noeline’s – 78A, Stratford Avenue
  3. Nail Spa – Odel, Cinnamon Lakeside, Movenpick Hotel, One Galle Face, Salon Kess, K-Zone 
  4. Base Hair and Nail Studio – Colombo City Centre
  5. Infinity Nails – 260, Torrington Avenue
  6. Nails by Lucky Susil – 24, Wijerama Mawatha 
  7. Quintessential Beauty Lounge – 956, First Floor, Pannipitiya Road



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