NWSDB requests consumers: Settle 40% of outstanding bill

 Balance in instalments

The National Water Supply and Drainage Board (NWSDB) said it has deployed meter readers islandwide, with the relaxation of curfew over the past two weeks, and measures are in place to deploy meter readers for the Colombo and Gampaha Districts in the coming days.

“We have informed our meter readers to mark the average usage for the March and April water bills. Consumers who are finding it difficult to settle the full amounts due to accumulated bills can make a request to their area NWSDB office and make necessary arrangements to settle the outstanding amount through instalment payments,” NWSDB General Manager Eng. R.H. Ruvinis told The Morning.

Ruvinis noted that anyone who has accumulated domestic usage water bills over the value of Rs. 15,000 for the past months are requested to settle 40% of the total outstanding amount and the rest of the amount can be settled in instalments, after making such a request.

Domestic usage of water stands at 11-17 units on average and Ruvinis stated that if the average usage reading is beyond that, the consumer could visit the area NWSDB office to rectify the meter reading.
By Sarah Hannan