ON14 Rooftop Lounge & Bar launches new F&B menu

One of Colombo’s most noteworthy dining destinations, ON14 Rooftop Lounge & Bar is set to send all the sophisticated foodies on a culinary journey, showcasing an array of new dishes and drinks featuring the freshest and high-quality ingredients along with a unique mix of ON14’s classic favourites and innovative dishes.

With regard to the new food and beverage (F&B) menu, Executive Chef Clifford Perera expressed: “The highlight of this menu is not only its use of great flavours and innovation, but also its commitment to authenticity and sourcing high-quality ingredients.”

The menu takes guests on a culinary world tour with international dishes inspired by cuisines around the world and prepared with ingredients sourced both locally and internationally to ensure the quality as well as taste are truly authentic. New dishes such as the sizzling wagyu steak, golden pork curry, and orange and honey-marinated roasted duck breast are great examples of traditionally prepared dishes.

ON14 aims to try its very best to support the local industries and have resorted to obtaining as many quality ingredients from local producers as possible. This further helps with keeping the dishes fresh while aiding and uplifting the livelihoods of our country’s farmers and fishermen.

The seafood salad seems to be the hero of the menu; consisting of soft tuna, the dish tastes particularly delicious when eaten together with the greens on the plate. Another salad consisting of quinoa can be ordered if one prefers a sweet starter. This dish has an excellent balance when consumed with the pepper seed garnish.

The dessert menu has also received an upgrade and features an innovative creamy lemongrass crème brûlée, mascarpone cream cheese macaroons, strawberry ice cream with fresh strawberries, and the classic French pastry “l’opera” that dates back to the 1800s.

ON14 Rooftop Lounge & Bar serves as a pool bar by day and a high-end dining option with a relaxed bar atmosphere at night and offers a variety of beverages from a select range of wines to innovative cocktails. Simultaneously, guests can enjoy an unrivalled and mesmerising view of the ocean by day and experience a breathtaking view of the horizon during sunset.

The cocktails are uniquely crafted and made by ON14’s experienced team of mixologists and bartenders who use only the finest local and international wines and spirits and freshest local ingredients. All cocktails have an authentic Sri Lankan twist and a wide variety of rich and exotic flavours to choose from.

While enjoying the delights of the new menu, guests can relax to the soothing music of in-house DJ Dulshan every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and live band DeeZone every Saturday.

Overall, the new developments at ON14 are certainly interesting and would amount to an exciting experience.