Oshinda’s tips to stay safe from coronavirus

Today on the Little Stars cover is Oshinda Wadigasinghe, a five-year-old student from St. Bridget’s Montessori. He dreams of becoming a ninja one day – to have all the great qualities of a ninja to help people. He also dreams of becoming an English teacher, following in his mother’s footsteps. Young Oshinda believes practising good habits and maintaining good hygiene are going to help us stay healthy and safe during this difficult time. Here’s what he shared with Little Stars readers.

Oshinda, tell us about yourself.

My name is Induwara Oshinda Wadigasinghe and I am five years old. My school is St. Bridget’s Montessori. I have a sister who is 13 years old. I like to dance and play the bongo. My favourite thing to do is playing video games and watching cartoons, but I don’t do it all day because then it is not good. My favourite show to watch is the Art Attack on Disney Junior. I love to make little crafts and when I watch Art AttackI, I can get new ideas.

I also love watching food hacks on YouTube and love to help mom in the kitchen to crack eggs and prepare vegetables.

What is your favourite cartoon character and why do you like him?

My favourite cartoon character is CatBoy in PJ Masks. I love to be like the Catboy who is super-fast and has superpowers. He is incredibly fast! He is always on alert, so he can hear the quietest sounds even from far, far away. He is always there to help when it is needed. So I love him.

Who do you wish to become when you are older?

I want to become a ninja because ninjas can rescue people. I love acting like a ninja at home. Also, I love to become an English master because I see my mom teaching kids English. I also love to become a chef. I like to act as well.

What is your favourite toy?

The bat that is originally signed by Uncle Sanga. I keep it in the bedroom too, when I sleep.

Can you tell us five good habits good kids should practise?

Be clean always, listen to mom and dad, don’t fight with siblings (reduce the fights, I mean), and listen to your aunties (teachers) at school. And also, don’t spend too long in front of the computer or TV because it’s not good for you.

Why do you say too much computer time or screen time is not good for us?

Because of lots of reasons. My father says that the bright light coming from the screen of the computer or the phone is not good for our eyes. If you have a habit of using your phone at night in the dark, you must stop it immediately. It can damage your eyes and you can have problems in your vision when you are older. I don’t think it’s good to damage your eyes when you are so young.

Screen time is not bad if you follow a timetable (something your parents give you) and you don’t watch more than the limit you have. My parents also say that it is a must to have good lighting if you are looking at a screen.

Can you tell us what you do during your free time?

I play badminton with my sister, cricket with my father, and I watch food hacks on YouTube.

Have you started going back to school?

We couldn’t go back to school yet – still at home and doing school work from home. Doesn’t matter whether you go to school or not, if you are a good child, you have to do your schoolwork regularly before you are off to play.

Do you follow any special rules to be safe these days?

Yes, as our auntie (teacher) taught us, it is important to follow some special rules these days to be safe from coronavirus. You have to remember to wash your hands regularly using soap and you have to do it properly so that all the germs in your hands will be washed away. If you are not home and you can’t wash your hands always, you have to use a sanitiser to clean your hands. And also, remember to apply a cream on your hands every day so they will not be dry.

Also, you have to remember to wear your mask properly to cover your nose and mouth when you go out and also when you go near the gate to take your deliveries. And our teacher says that it is so important to stay one metre away from each other so that we will not spread germs to each other. If you practise these rules, you’ll surely be safe.