Voter experience to be enhanced

By Sarah Hannan

In preparation of its annual enumerations, the Elections Secretariat had made provisions to distribute Form “B” of the Registration of Electors from 15 May, The Sunday Morning learns.

With the Elections Commission of Sri Lanka looking to enhance voter experience, this year’s enumerations will also require voters to list down any disabilities they have. Elections Secretariat Director General M.K. Saman Sri Rathnayake, further elaborating on the requirement, stated: “We are looking at providing increased accessibility and improving our voting tools to facilitate disabled voters. Depending on the area, we are looking at moving the polling stations to more accessible buildings.”

He agreed that the ballot papers that were used in the past are illegible for some of the visually impaired voters. Therefore, necessary tools will be provided to improve readability of the ballot papers. Furthermore, in some areas, the polling stations were often located on top of mountainous areas, where access for elderly voters was hindered.

Furthermore, a special survey will be conducted for children aged 15-18 and a separate form will be provided to include their details.

Completed forms are to be collected by the respective Grama Niladhari of the area 1 June onwards.