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Who will bell the cat?

In light of the Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) administration taking flak for being ridden with corruption, former cricketer and commentator Russel Arnold‏ sent a clarion call to social media critiques to stop criticising and do something tangible about cricket selections.
Arnold called upon critiques of SLC selectors to send their applications to SLC rather than continue to whine and criticise the country’s cricket administration.
@RusselArnold69 (stet) So let’s do this … To those who #wanttobeaselector and those who think #candoabetterjob .. Do send your number or email via a tweet to @OfficialSLC and let’s make it happen. Don’t forget the hashtag @RoshanCricket (stet)
Arnold sarcastically called for the sacking of selectors and the appointment of several social media influencers instead.
(stet) I just don’t understand why the selectors are not sacked and Daniel, Irosha, Gihan and a few others are appointed to the selection committee. They are committed and the selection meeting never ends on Twitter. They are on the ball!!! (stet)
Social media activists say that social media campaigns are underway calling for the replacement of Captain Dinesh Chandimal and Upul Tharanga and for the reinstatement of former Captain Angelo Matthews back into the team.
The International Cricket Council (ICC) has confirmed investigators are in Sri Lanka looking into “serious allegations of corruption”. Master blaster of world cricket Sanath Jayasuriya was charged with breaching the anti-corruption code of the ICC earlier this week
“The enquiries are continuing so it would not be appropriate to comment further, but I can confirm that we have, at their request, provided a detailed briefing to the Sri Lankan President, Prime Minister, and Sports Minister,” General Manager of the ICC’s Anti-Corruption Unit Alex Marshall said recently.

Rs. 5,000 fine for sleeping on the road

Kandy District United National Party (UNP) Parliamentarian Ananda Aluthgamage was fined this week for sleeping on the road.
Ananda who presented himself before the Nawalapitiya Magistrate Shrinith Wijesekera was fined Rs. 5,000 for sleeping on the Nawalapitiya main road in front of the Police Station on 10 March and was released on a bail of Rs. 100,000.
The politico slept on the main road from 5 a.m. till 2 p.m. calling for the transfer of the Headquarters Inspector (HqI) of the Nawalapitiya Police Station Ananda Rajapaksa.
The suspect was charged under Sections 50 and 59 of the National Thoroughfares Act No. 40 of 2008 for obstruction of road, public road or national highway read with Section 98 of the Code of Criminal Procedure pertaining to Public Nuisance. Ananda presented himself via a lawyer and the Police say 12 more suspects were to be arrested in relation to this incident.
Law and Order Minister Ranjith Madduma Bandara, who had arrived in Kandy to take stock of the situation after the eruption of the anti-Muslim pogrom of Digana-Teldeniya along with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, had phoned Ananda but to no avail.
“MPs have to now sleep on the road as there is no government running this country. There’s no law and order in this country. Until my request (i.e. HqI is removed) is complied with, I shall not leave,” the firebrand MP is said to have stated.
It is learnt that the MP had ordered the HqI to forcefully open fuel sheds closed due to the pogrom and had scolded the police officer for failing to do so.
Members of the public expressed their utter disgust towards Ananda stating that an MP who was maintained with public funds was causing a nuisance to the public without trying to solve the issues of the public. The Parliamentarian should have known better, as the former regime was changed and the United National Front for Good Governance (UNFGG) was brought into power in order to stop political interferences into the Police and that police officers could only be changed by the National Police Commission and not according to the whims and fancies of any politico.
His rival and Joint Opposition stalwart from Kandy Mahindananda Aluthgamage stated that Ananda was a distant relative of his and had the surname “Dayananda” but changed it to “Aluthgamage” after Mahindananda’s father became the MP for Nawalapitiya.

Protest against ‘sutra’
Several Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) members along with the Chairman of Ambalantota Pradeshiya Sabha conducted a black band protest against the Government’s fuel price formula in Ambalantota town premises last Tuesday (16 October). Councillors were seen pushing their motorbikes to the Ambalantota PS following the protest. The protestors demanded that the Government withdrew the formula, stopped selling state property, and reduced the cost of living. (Photo Sri Lanka Mirror)

SEC Chief accused of assault
In a fit of rage, the head of the country’s capital market watchdog, the Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of Sri Lanka Ranel Wijesinghe allegedly threw a paperweight at his private secretary during an argument.
According to reports, his private secretary Krishanthi Muthuthanthri had to be hospitalised for treatment after Wijesinghe had allegedly assaulted her by throwing a paperweight at her. Following the assault, Muthuthanthri, who is said to have worked in the SEC for over 18 years, had requested a transfer but Wijesinghe reportedly refused.
The SEC Chief was enraged by a pamphlet which he suspects is a part of a plot by beleaguered former SEC Chief Tilak Karunaratne to sling mud at him.
With his term ending in January, 2018, two-time former SEC Chairman Karunaratne was replaced by Wijesinghe, confidante of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

Setting the fox to guard the henhouse
Setting up a cohabitation government with the Rajapaksa-led Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) would be like setting the fox to guard the henhouse, United National Party (UNP) stalwart Minister Kabir Hashim said recently.
“We would like to remind Wimal Weerawansa, who was only concerned with fattening his belly during the time he was a minister, that setting up any cohabitation government with the Joint Opposition would be like setting the fox to guard the henhouse,” an enraged Minister stated at a public gathering in Ruwanwella.
“Only 100,000 houses were constructed when Weerawansa was Minister of Housing. In contrast, during the short span of three years, our Housing Minister Sajith Premadasa succeeded in building over three hundred thousand houses.”
Minister Hashim queried as to why Weerawansa sold common amenities and properties belonging to “uda gammana”, built during President Ranasinghe Premedasa’s time.