Passengers arriving at BIA to be tested

The College of Medical Laboratory Science has sought immediate attention over the mechanism followed to test anyone arriving at the airports for Covid-19.

In the face of the global epidemic, there is a clear rule that infected persons should not be transferred from one country to another. However, the allegation by the health authorities that large numbers of infected persons are in the country is controversial.

Owing to the present situation, it is impossible to rule out as to how people, after leaving the quarantine centres, get infected. Did they catch the virus at the quarantine centre or after they went back to their homes? Therefore, screening everyone at the airport is becoming a dire need.

“Our professional institute has repeatedly pointed out to the Ministry of Health the importance of having pre- arranged formal laboratory facilities to inspect the persons entering the country at the airport premises. We also have a list of professionals who are willing to come forward to achieve this purpose,” College of Medical Laboratory Science President Ravi Kumudesh noted.

However, as with many of the earlier proposals on regularising the laboratory service for the control of Covid-19, Kumudesh was of the view that this proposal will be delayed.

He further stated that while the Ministry of Health had great potential to prepare laboratory facilities at the airport premises before reopening the country, the Ministry had disregarded all the suggestions that were made to build a medical laboratory at the airport premises.

Kumudesh confirmed that RT-PCR tests can test all immigrants through a laboratory in the airport premises, but it is unnecessarily costly and inconsistent with medical laboratory principles. Therefore, RT-PCR testing should be facilitated along with biochemical laboratory methods which will offer laboratory services to facilitate the issuance of a test report to the Immigrants in an hour.