PHIs withdraw from duties in Atalugama Grama Niladhari Division in protest

Five Public Health Inspectors have withdrawn from duties in the Atalugama Grama Niladhari Division in the Bandaragama MOH Division due to non-cooperation of the public, stated Secretary of the PHI Union of Sri Lanka, M. Balasooriya.

“Over 300 COVID patients have been identified from the Atalugama area so far, but because of it being declared an isolated area, most patients have been subjected to home quarantine and random PCR testing. However, there were many incidents of abusive behaviour towards the PHIs from the residents of this area, resulting in an infected person spitting at a PHI when he was instructed to stay in his house,” he told the Morning.

Owing to this incident, two out of the seven PHIs of the Bandaragama MOH Division have been sent to quarantine centres, PHI Balasooriya said.

The five remaining PHIs have refused to carry out their duties in the Atalugama area but continue to work in other areas of the MOH division, he said.

“We cannot expect the health officials to carry out their duties properly if the people fail to cooperate with them and treat them respectfully. I urge all citizens to cooperate with the relevant authorities to navigate these challenging times,” PHI Balasooriya concluded.