President plans for rapid city development

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa today proposed a rapid city development programme for Colombo and other main cities in the country.

A meeting on this regard was held at the  Presidential Secretariat today (11)  with the participation of ministerial secretaries and senior officials of the Road Development Authority (RDA), Board of Investments (BOI) and Sri Lanka Ports Authority .

“Following resumption of public life and office work, and the opening of the economy today (11), development projects that were halted must be expedited,” the President added.

The president further noted that projects must be carried out with 100% investment capital and development loans.

He said the projects must operate in line with domestic policy.

Discussions were also held on expediting the development of the the Eastern and Western Terminals under the Colombo Port Expansion Project.

Focus was also drawn on the identification and acquisition of suitable land for development projects.

Talks were held on construction of houses for low, medium and high income earners.

“Construction activities must resume for large scale buildings and development projects in Colombo.”

Road projects connecting Colombo with other districts should also resume, the President added.