Prez sets deadline for Motor Traffic Dep. to get its act together

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa today set a one month deadline for the employees of the Department of Motor Traffic (RMV) to get their act together and provide an efficient service to the public.

Rajapaksa set this target during his inspection tour at the RMV Office in Werahera.

The President received many complaints from the public who were already present at the Department today.

Many complained of inefficient service and the long hours one had to spend at the department for the completion of a single task.

Following the complains, Rajapaksa demanded that a system be put in place within a month’s time in order to provide an efficient service to the public .

“Public servants are there to help the public. Why hasn’t a proper system been put in place?If the system is not good, it is your responsibility to improve it,” Rajapaksa told the RMV employees .