Probe deepens on busted comms facility

By Sarah Hannan

Investigations are underway to determine whether the suspicious communications facility that was raided in Negombo recently posed any threat to national security.

Criminal Investigations Department (CID) sources told The Sunday Morning that the mobile service providers from which 17,400 SIM cards were purchased have now been ordered to provide details of any voice or data activities pertaining to the SIMs.

Furthermore, the CID is also looking as to how the phones were brought into the country and whether the suspects had cleared a bulk of handsets from customs in the recent past.

It had also been revealed that several other foreign nationals who were residing in these facilities had left Sri Lanka and that one of them had taken a consignment of 200 phones with them when departing the country.

A Chinese national and two Sri Lankans had been arrested after the communications facility was busted.

Communication specialists have so far speculated that the type of setup that operated at the facility displayed similarities of a “click fraud farm” network and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Fraud network.

These methods are used to increase impressions for content posted on social media platforms and to bypass IDD calls thus affecting the revenue for mobile service providers.