Probe on math teacher’s security

By Sarah Hannan

Investigators are looking into the security detail of the math teacher who had assaulted a van driver last week.

Four suspects have already been arrested over the incident and the Colombo Crime Division (CCD) is continuing investigations.

The video of the incident which went viral depicted a VIP escort stopping mid-journey to attack a van driver who allegedly was not clearing the road for the VIP to pass in Kalagedihena. The incident was documented through a mobile phone and had been circulated on social media.

Police Media Spokesperson SP Ruwan Gunasekara stated that as of Saturday, four persons involved in the scuffle at Kalagedihena on Tuesday (16) surrendered to the CCD and were later arrested.

The abandoned Defender had been located at a residence in Maharagama and was seized by the Police. The Prado is yet to be located along with a few other individuals who were involved in the brawl.

“Regardless of the owner’s political affiliations or his social status, we will continue with our investigations and bring in the suspects for questioning as soon as we locate them. While we have now established the identity of the vehicle owners and there is photographic proof that one of them was in the vehicle at the time of the incident, the CCD on Friday (19) dispatched a unit to visit the suspects’ residences. However, both the wanted persons for questioning had not been at home at the time,” SP Gunasekara informed.

Meanwhile, the van driver was attacked by the persons travelling in the Defender and the Prado was on Friday (19) summoned by the CCD to record a fresh statement.

It is now revealed that the vehicles involved in the attack belonged to Dinesh Nuwan Amaratunga, who is a famous math tutor, engineer, and an Attorney-at-Law, and Udam Indula Sampath Bandara Amaratunga, who are both residents of Ingiriya.

The investigators are yet to determine whether the alleged bodyguards had been employed belonged to a licensed private security agency registered with the Ministry of Defence.