PSC to convene on 17 October

The Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) probing Easter Sunday attacks is scheduled to convene on 17 October to prepare the final report.

“The committee had requested time till 31 October to present the report to the Parliament. Since Parliament is to convene next on 23 October, we have now decided to present the final report on 23 or 24 October,” PSC member Dr. Nalinda Jayathissa told The Sunday Morning.

Earlier, PSC Chairman and Deputy Speaker of Parliament Ananda Kumarasiri said that the final report will provide a breakdown of what led to the incident and recommendations that should be adopted to prevent further incidents from taking place.

From its inaugural meeting held on 29 May onwards, the committee had recorded statements from about 60 persons including President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

A press conference is scheduled to be held on 24 October to brief the media on the contents of the final report that is presented to Parliament.

– Sarah Hannan