Rathu Sakkiya wins Best Drama title at Children’s Drama Festival


The Department of Cultural Affairs and the Drama Panel of the Arts Council of Sri Lanka make arrangements to hold the State Children’s Drama Festival every year, and this year, the drama staged by Sirimavo Bandaranaike Vidyalaya was successful in achieving the “Best Drama – Sinhala” title.

This award-winning drama, “Rathu Sakkiya”, was first staged at a student production in the school’s 2018 inter-house drama competition. The original team behind the drama was a group of students who studied drama and theatre as a subject. Identifying the potential of the drama, the school’s drama instructors Jayani Kapuge and Danushika Nayana Kumari took initiative in improving the stage play by assisting the students improve the script and their acting skills.

The drama was then staged at the 2019 State Children’s Drama Festival which was held recently. Rathu Hattakari (Red Riding Hood) is missing. The four fairies – Cinderella, Peter Pan, Jack, and Elsa – go on a mission to look for her. They interrogate those who recently associated with Red Riding Hood, her granny, the woodcutter, and the wolf, to look for evidence.

They finally realise that Red had gone missing because a little boy, who is trapped inside a game world, had forgotten about Red Riding Hood and had failed to identify her. His memories about fairytales have started to fade due to his video game addiction. He decides to join the search party after he realises that this was all due to his mistake.

Rathu Sakkiya was created on the goal of communicating a very important message. Storytelling, reading, and children’s literature encourage children to use their imagination. But unfortunately, sometimes technological advancements seem to negatively affect our ability to imagine and prevent us from achieving our full creative potential. If we need to become a generation that embraces creativity and the arts, we will have to improve our imagination. The drama adapts techniques of a musical while following a group storytelling model.

At the festival, Amasha Manchanayake and Kavithma Beligalla received merits for their acting. Adushi Amandini bagged the award for Best Supporting Actress. Rusandi Vinoma and Sewmini Nayananjalee received second place for Best Script Writing. The Best Music award was won by Tharindu Abeysinhe. The two co-producers Jayani Kapuge and Danushika Nayana Kumari bagged the awards for Best Costumes, Best Acting Methods, and Best Drama Production.

According to the awardwinning drama team, the Principal of Simiravo Bandaranaike Vidyalaya, Malani Herath, deputy and assistant principals, as well as the teaching staff supported the drama team immensely. Special thanks go to the parents of the students as well.