Recharge at Oatlands by Jetwing

By Skandha Gunasekara

One of the latest additions to the ever-expanding Jetwing family is the colonial-style cosy villa “Oatlands by Jetwing”. This exquisitely restored four-bedroom bungalow located in the heart of Nuwara Eliya surrounded by lush green hills is the perfect getaway from sun-baked city life.

The bungalow was built in 1914 by Charles William Lund and was sold to the present owner of the property in 1970. It was taken on lease by Jetwing in 2014. After being lavishly restored while retaining its old-world charms with modern amenities, the villa received its first guest in 2017.

Oatlands is just a two-minute walk from five-star luxury hotel Jetwing St. Andrew’s, down St. Andrew’s Drive in the town of Nuwara Eliya, and operates as an extension of the said Georgian-style hotel.

Comprising four bed chambers (deluxe rooms), an opulent dining room, and a large living/sitting room with a fireplace, it is the perfect setting to enjoy a glass a wine and immerse yourself in a good read.

If you’d prefer to spend your time outdoors, then the well-tended garden surrounding the colonial bungalow with views of undulating hills is the ideal spot for you. Breakfast with your loved ones in this picturesque site while enjoying the cool climes of the hill country is all you need to recharge yourself.

Speaking of breakfast, Oatlands provides you with the option of either enjoying your morning spread at the premises itself or attending the breakfast buffet at St. Andrew’s. All the meals at Oatlands are provided by St. Andrew’s and therefore, it’s just a matter of you deciding on the ambience and setting for your meal.

The famous Lake Gregory – where holiday-goers can enjoy boat rides, jet skiing, rowing, or simply take a romantic walk along its banks – is walking distance from Oatlands as is the Nuwara Eliya Golf Club.

At the Nuwara Eliya Royal Turf Club, adjacent to Lake Gregory, one can watch any of the five major horse racing events that take place annually, the most notable ones being The Governor’s Cup and Queen’s Cup in April, while the Independence Cup takes place in February.

Given its prime location in the misty mountains of Nuwara Eliya, travellers and revellers alike can find their way to some scenic locations in the surrounding locale, including Galway National Park, which is brimming with wildlife, as well as Victoria Park with its scenic walkways and splendorous gardens.

Just a few kilometres from Galway National Park is Moon Plains, an attraction featuring beautiful landscapes and different types of wildlife such as wild elk, buffalo, deer, leopards, and various types of birds. Many explorers attempt to catch the sunrise from Mini World’s End, which is especially remarkable, as the golden glow of the sun intertwines with the mist that garlands the peaks and valleys surrounding the area.

For those who are more adventurous, Lover’s Leap Waterfall is about five kilometres from Nuwara Eliya town while Horton Plains and World’s End are a 30 km drive.

Just a few kilometres from Oatlands is Single Tree Hill, where one can climb up to the top and experience panoramic views of Nuwara Eliya town and Lake Gregory. The hike up Single Tree Hill is quiet and peaceful with the pathway surrounded by tea plantations as well as tall fern trees.

Another hiking destination close to Oatlands by Jetwing is Shanthipura, which is accessible from the Nuwara Eliya-Kandy road. Shanthipura is the highest village in northeast Sri Lanka and has a view of the distant blue hills and the lake next to the valley.

It has to be noted that Jetwing has strived to cater to all types of vacationers with the addition of Oatlands to their portfolio of hill country accommodation. Setting themselves apart from the other hotel chains in the country, their portfolio varies from five-star hotels to budget villas, which is highly beneficial and helpful to travellers.

Our experience at the Oatlands with Jetwing was definitely memorable and gratifying. The quaint and cosy bungalow, surrounded by impressive acres of greenery, will provide serene tranquility to scores of visitors who visit this haven.