Review : Five reasons why I didn’t want to leave Weligama Bay Marriott Resort & Spa

  1. A welcome warmer than the embrace of Sri Lanka’s collective hospitality

It’s common knowledge that the majority of the Mirissa area (and its many experiences) is quite unfairly not welcoming of locals.

However, the good people at Weligama Bay Marriott Resort & Spa, following its whirlwind opening just only a year ago, made the bold decision to adopt a ‘no holds barred’ and ‘open arms’ policy towards locals and this approach is evident in everything the hotel does; from arrival to the time of departure, you’re made to feel like every bit the valued guest that you are.

Despite being a large concrete structure amidst the gorgeous sun soaked coastal line, the resort exudes warmth and acceptance, and you just know you’re going to have a fantastic time. Immediately as you arrive at the property, you can experience for yourself what caused the locals around the area to be so accepting of one behemoth of a construction smack dab in the middle of their quaint southern town.

  1. The sun, the surf and ocean views

Situated right in the centre of the bay, the location of the Marriott is incredibly advantageous as it allows for all 200 of its luxurious rooms to have mesmerising oceanic views. It also happens to have one of the only beaches in the country where it is absolutely safe to go for a swim all year round, regardless of the season; and when the surf’s up, you can be sure to come across surfers of all skill levels crowding the Marriott beach front, earning its reputation as a learner’s surfer paradise.

For those of you who wish to keep off the waves, you can soak up the sun or splash away at one of the three outdoor swimming pools which also includes a children’s pool. As is expected from an upscale beach resort, you can be sure to be pampered within an inch of your life, and end up seeing deep sea blue for days.

  1. Chef Pujitha’s Chicken Ambul Thiyal!

No joke, one of the absolute highlights from this entire trip was Chef Pujitha’s delightful Chicken Ambul Thiyal. While regular fish ambul thiyal is perfect in its own right, this new and interesting twist on a Lankan staple is something you won’t soon forget. However, Sri Lankan cuisine alone is not where all the fun ends, as the resort’s armada of chefs provide their guests an eclectic dining experience they are sure to enjoy.

The ‘Weligama Kitchen’ is the Marriott’s all day dining restaurant which has well defined zones, each serving a distinct cuisine complete with an interactive live kitchen. There’s also the ‘The Big Fish’ – its seafood restaurant, ‘Tides’ – the lobby bar, ‘Surf’s Up’ – the pool and beach bar and ‘Mirissa Baking Company’ – its deli, featuring fine coffee and specialty drinks complete with freshly baked snacks. Between all these choices, it’s advisable to always walk in with a game plan for all your meals or you might miss out and still be far too stuffed.

  1. You feel right at home

The staff at the Marriott is simply wonderful; they are all down to earth and goodhearted people genuinely trying to make your experience better in every way.

This could partly be due to the mantra adopted by the Marriott’s joyous General Manger Mr. Elton Hurtis, who adamantly believes that first and foremost, “you have to take care of your own”, which has resulted in a workforce dedicated to making their gusts feel truly at home.

One of Marriot’s staff members shared with us a very special story about the hotel’s one year anniversary; the Marriott sent out letters addressed to the families of all the staff, thanking them for their sacrifice and the service their loved ones have provided for the hotel; she said that having worked all holidays, Christmas and New Year’s alike, this simple, heartfelt gesture made sure it was well worth it.

With a dedicated staff available, quite happily, at your beck and call, it is a guarantee that your stay will be spent in upscale luxury with the added element of cozy homely comfort.

  1. Try as you may, you simply won’t find a reason NOT to come back.

Fine dining and upscale living is often a rare indulgence, and because of how rarely we treat ourselves to the finer things in life, why not do it right?  Take a trip down south, enjoy the sun, the beach the waves and maybe check in for an unforgettable time. There’s something magical about the Marriott; you simply must experience it yourself.

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Weligama Bay Marriott Resort and Spa

Review by Dimithri Wijesinghe