Sarath Fonseka will take care of National Security: Sajith

New Democratic Front Presidential Candidate Sajith Premadasa said Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka will be tasked with National Security.

He was speaking during the maiden presidential rally at the Galle Face Green  today.

He said Fonseka was well deserving of the position as he had served as Army Commander during the end of the war in 2009.

“He is not a ‘card board hero’ but a true war hero who defeated terrorism from the country. “Premadasa  said.

Premadasa also accused the previous government over the imprisonment of Fonseka in 2010.

He added Fonseka will be tasked with the responsibility to eradicate modern terrorism. “Fonseka will also spearhead the war on drugs to safeguard the children of this nation,” Premadasa said.

Pictures Pradeep Dambarage