Scrapping 19th Amendment will give rise to a dictator: Bandara

United National Party(UNP)  Parliamentarian Palitha Range Bandara said that the government’s attempt to abolish the 19th Amendment will give rise to a dictator.

UNP has also stated in several occasions that it will not support in Parliament the government’s plan to repeal the 19th Amendment.

Bandara during a press conference today(23) said the 19th Amendment was brought to reduce the powers of the Executive Presidency and prevent a dictatorship in the country.

New President Gotabaya Rajapaksa following the presidential elections announced his plans to completely abolish the 19th Amendment.

The 19th Amendment to the constitution was passed in Parliament in April 2015 with the support of 215 MPs.

The amendment envisages the dilution of many powers of Executive Presidency, which had been in force since 1978.